Tools you will need:

• Web browser

Okay! Let's say you want to make your own throne, as this is the easiest example I can think of.

So, you're on a hotel, you need to grab the SWF file (the file of the furni.)

To do this press F12, or navigate to your Developer Tools in your options (this varies by browser; Googling how to find it is your best option) and head to the Network tab.

You should be presented with something like this.

This basically shows you what you're downloading locally to present the client. Like all the clothing, furni icons, furni itself, etc.

The easiest way to find the directory to the furni is open the catalogue, and just click any furniture. It will pop up in the Network tab (as will all the images and such.) Once you find the furni file listed, click it.

In this example, I clicked the 1000d Exchange Tree.

The pink rectangle shows the URL we're looking for, which in this example is

Okay, now we know the directory is, we can find the throne a bit easier. (This is also a little easier if you can instantly click the furni you'd like to edit/use/download), but that's not always possible.

If you already know the SWF name, easy! Type the directory into your browser address bar, and after "hof_furni" put the name of the item you want, followed by .swf, e.g.

Please note: On Chrome, your browser will download the SWF directly. On Firefox, it will go to a page that you must right click and "Save As..."

If you don't know the .swf name, chances are, it's somewhere online, such as a wiki, or ask anybody who might know.

Rather unsurprisingly, as the throne is an old rare, the swf name is just throne. Simple. So let's navigate there.

Boom! Then I just right click, press Save As... and put it where I want the file.

Done! That's how you grab an SWF for your needs; which is very useful for custom-making.

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Tools you will need:

• The SWF you're editing

• JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

• Image editor (e.g. Paint,, GIMP, Photoshop, etc)

• swfdecomp.exe

• Hex Editor (like HxD)

If you don't have the SWF you're editing, read the tutorial Acquire SWFs for customs, etc.

If you do, woo! Onwards!

Open your SWF (for this tutorial, I'll be using a throne) in JPEXS. Once it's open, click images, like the pink rectangle shows.

There's a few images as you an see, but you don't really need most of them. Yay! You only need four for the throne, which are the largest pieces not including the shadow image.

This applies to pretty much all of them. The smaller images are no longer used, unless you're often zooming out on your hotel.

Hold Control and select the images you need, as shown below, then right click and press Export selection to wherever you want to edit them from.

Please note: It might be worth taking a small version for an icon, otherwise you can make one yourself. The max size an icon can be is 36x36 pixels.

Navigate to where you saved your images, and open them in your image editor.

And create your masterpiece!

Once done, save them, and make sure they're still .png)

This is my masterpiece:

Once done, open up the SWF again (or copy and paste in a new directory, so you can keep the original file) and navigate to images once again.

Here, right click the images you edited, and press Replace..., one by one. Replace them with your new images, and hit Save as shown in the pink rectangle.

The green rectangle shows you how to match up the numbers of the images, so you replace them correctly.

Okay! Now, navigate to swfdecomp.exe with your saved SWF file, and simply drag the SWF over it.

Once that's done, load up the SWF in HXD (either drag on top of, like swfdecomp, or open HXD, then File > Open...)

Press Ctrl+R or go to Search > Replace. In the first box, type throne and in the second, write anything you want, but it must have the same amount of characters as "throne". This applies if you're editing any SWF, such as spyro, rare_dragonlamp, etc.

Examples: throne > bmoone | spyro > psbro | rare_dragonlamp > babe_dragbalamp

Those examples all have the same amount of characters. If they do not have the same amount of characters, the SWF will break and be unusable.

Once done, hit Replace all, Save and close HXD.

You're almost there! At this point, it might be worth checking you've made an icon for your furni. As mentioned earlier, the maximum size of an icon is 36x36.

Decorate it like you did your item, so it can easily be identified in the catalogue, and name it yourswfnamehere_icon and make sure it's saved as a png.

Now, all you need to do is rename your actual SWF file to the letters you chose with the Find & Replace. Then, you're done! Congratulations, you just made a custom!

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Please Note: This tutorial is a little outdated, but should still help. If you can offer a more up to date one (I can help translations), with English images, please contact me.

Tools you will need:

• Web browser with access to

• Image editor (e.g. Paint,, GIMP, Photoshop, etc)

Okay, this is assuming you've already learned the basics of custom making. You know how to make pretty thrones, dragons, etc. But what about when you want to do it from scratch?

For this tutorial, I'll be using a simple ass cube. Please make something prettier for your own.

Once you have all the images you need (different angles, etc.), head on over to, make an account, and click add furniture in the top right.

You'll be presented with this.

Please note: furnibuilder has changed since this layout, but it still has the same functions and such.

Okay, it can look a bit confusing. But that's fine!

Let's just say, my cube is a simple one. Just any old furni, like most on Habbo.

Pink rectangle: Here I name my furni. Don't use spaces, use _ instead.

Blue rectangle: How many rotations there are in the furni. If there's 2, and you want the image to mirror on rotate (as opposed to changing style when rotated, like the Pirate stage or the Lost City stones), you only need one image. If 4 rotations, you need your item to have "front-facing" images, and "back-facing", for when it's rotated away from you. My box is a simple one, so I just have 2 rotations, mirrored on rotate.

Green rectangle: How many activations, aka how many "double clicks", Uses, etc. How many different presentations it has. E.g. a chair has 1, just the chair. A table that changes to have a tablecloth on a double click; that has 2, etc.

Orange rectangle: Amount of icon images. This is for furni that has multiple colours; like you'll find dragons that are named rare_dragonlamp*1, rare_dragonlamp*2, etc. I've no clue how to do this, but basically it's the same dragon but with different colours. I only have the one cube, so I'll keep that at 1 icon image.

Yellow rectangle: Animations are like the dragon flame. A dragon has 2 activations, and on the 2nd activation, it would have 4 images as that's how many animations there are for its flame. Same applies; if it has an animation, like a person waving, or a flickering flame, you'll have multiple images to make it into a smooth animation. Here you set how many images for that animation you have.

Layers; as we saw in Making customs from an SWF, the throne has a separate image for the arm that's in front of a Habbo. Having 1 layer means if the user is on the same block as the furni, nothing will clip in front of the Habbo. Whereas with a throne, the arm part will be in front of the Habbo. Therefore, it would have 2 layers. First, the seat. Second, the arm. The arm would have a higher Z-index, meaning it comes forward more, overlaying the Habbo. You set the Z-Index yourself, but nope, not a clue of the correct Z-Index tbh. It's a guessing game! Or ask somebody who knows.

And shadow just means if you want your item to have a shadow or not.

Okay this was really long, but hopefully you get it!

Now, once you've hit Create, you'll be taken to My Furniture. First, you want to click Image Manager, and upload your images. This is a little confusing, but for a simple one image custom like mine, all you need is that image, and the icon.

My image will go in "Activation 0 layer 1 image 1 rotation 2", meaning it's the "first" animation, first layer, first image, and the first rotation. (If it wasn't mirrored on rotate, I'd have "rotation 1" and "rotation 2".)

Then, hit Upload images.

Okay, it'll take you back to "My Furniture" again. Press Image Positioning so we can position the images correctly.

Click each image individually and use the numbers in X and Y to line them up onto the yellow tile, one by one (if using more than one image.)

Once you've got the numbers right, it should look lined up correctly.

Then, hit Save changes above the preview, and click My Furniture on the top bar.

It's probably worth double checking how it would look in game, so feel free to hit Preview, make sure it all works correctly.

After this, head back to My Furniture, and hit Download as shown by the pink rectangle.

Congratulations! You just made a furni from scratch!

Make sure you have a separate icon for your furni so you can easily identify it in the catalogue. Make sure it's saved as .png and is no larger than 36x36 pixels. Then name it yourswfnamehere_icon.

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Tools you will need:

• Leenster's Habbo UI Editor

• JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

• Your habbo.swf

First thing you wanna do: back up your habbo.swf! Things can break sometimes; it's better to be safe.

Then, load your habbo.swf in Leenster's UI Editor and use the Search for catalog_ubuntu. habbo-2311 is catalog_ubuntu, and habbo-2403 is catalog_ubuntu_with_tabs. Basically, if your catalogue has tabs at the top, like most do, you want to edit 2403.

Click the one that is catalog_ubuntu or catalog_ubuntu_with_tabs depending on which you use.

I'm using the base Arcturus habbo.swf currently, but your current should work fine.

Got it up? Cool! Now, you want to change a color="0x????????" like so:

You want to change this to 0xffffffff like so:

Nice. Okay, hit Save, override your habbo.swf in your gordon folder (make sure you've backed it up!) and reload.

Check out your catalogue. Still blue, huh? Don't worry, getting to that!

Okay, now close the UI Editor, and open your habbo.swf in JPEXS. The UI may suck but it works!

This is probably what you're used to seeing if you've edited images before. Press the + on scripts, highlighted in a pink square.

Navigate to the folder §_-0Kg§ and click HabboCatalog. You should see this:

Okay, it looks confusing. (Unless you know ActionScript.) And yep, it's confusing!

Press in the middle area, under ActionScript source, hit Ctrl + f and type header, as shown in the pink rectangle.

You're looking for this.

The green numbers are the main thing. 4296112 and 16758076. These are what colour the catalogue header.

Cool, right?!

Okay, it does get a bit confusing but bear with me here.

Click one of the numbers I mentioned, then hit "Edit P-Code" as shown in the pink square.

Make sure you're editing lines 196 and 199, the general area is highlighted below.

If I'm honest, I probably do this very unnecessarily. I use the highest number possible with "uint", as that's the first way I did it (as putting 0 made it 100% black) but I expect just putting -1 will work too.

Anyway, my method. I grab the highest number that uint supports, as that's my method, and that number is 4294967295, and replace both 4296112 and 16758076 with that number.

It should now look like this.

Now that's done, hit Save as shown in the pink square.

If you search for header again, (make sure you clicked under ActionScript source again!) it should look like this. The pink rectangles show your new "code." The blue rectangle to the lower left highlights that, because there's been a change in the file, they have turned bold.

After you've finished marvelling at the fact you've just changed the way the habbo.swf works (like I did), hit Save as shown in the top left blue rectangle.

Now, place that in your gordon folder (if you've edited the habbo.swf from elsewhere, e.g. the UI Editor habbo folder), and reload your hotel.

Check your catalogue and... voila! It should look like this:

Okay, now open this very same habbo.swf in the UI Editor again, and fill in the first box with 418db0 and the second with ffffff, and hit Replace all. This might not catch all of the headers, but it will get most of them.

When you run it, a command window will pop up. You'll know when it's finished as it will close.

If you're like me, on a HDD, and not a SSD, this could take a little while. Get a cuppa while you wait.

Please bear in mind, if your Friends List uses the old "style" (with the dots and different close button, but still blue), this may replace that colour. I will show how to fix this after the tutorial.

Hit save, and when you load your hotel again, most of the headers will most likely be white. Neat! Now, there's no need to colour the headers through the UI Editor (if you know how, anyway!)

Instead, open JPEXS again (after closing the UI Editor), and instead of opening scripts, open images instead, and find the image below (it's in chronological order, so won't be too difficult.)

Right click, and export it to where you'd like to edit it.

To edit it, use any editor you'd like. and GIMP are favourites among a lot of people, but really, Paint works, as does Photoshop. It's personal preference.

Once you have it loaded, the part in the pink rectangle is the colouring of the headers. Colour this as you'd like, and save the image. Make sure it's saved as png.

Now, back to JPEXS. Navigate back to the image, right click the image you exported, and press Replace..., and navigate to your newly coloured image. Hit Save, just like after we changed the Script, and load your hotel again.

And that's it! Done!

Hopefully you chose sexy colours. Your shop will match the rest of the headers now. Isn't that awesome?!

I hope you enjoyed this shit tutorial.

How to fix Friend List Colour

Search for friendlist.friends, just like when we searched for the catalog bin. Click the bin that should be there (habbo-2365.bin) and fill out the boxes like the pink rectangles show. Then hit Replace all, as shown with the blue rectangle.


Repeat the same process for anything else you may find that changed; such as Room Visits in Mod Tools, etc.

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Tools you will need:

• Leenster's Habbo UI Editor

• Your habbo.swf

So, you've opened up a window with a ? and you either can't be arsed finding a habbopage, or you can't be arsed making one. That's fair enough.

Here we have the window we want to remove it from: Pet Commands.

Open up good old Habbo Editor, and find the bin you want to edit, in this case, Pet Commands, which is named pet_commands at habbo-1746.bin. All bins with habbopage links are searchable with help_page.

Search help_page within the bin, and remove that line in between the <variables>.

You could also use this method to change the path of the habbopages.

If it's only left with <variables></variables>, you may as well remove those lines too, for neatness. There, now Pet Commands won't have a habbopage attachment.

Tools you will need:

• Leenster's Habbo UI Editor

• Your habbo.swf

First off, I must recommend doing this one by one. It sucks big-time, but doing a mass replace could cause lots of issues in many places of your swf, and it'd be harder to fix them.

First, find the bin you want to change the font in. For this example, I'll be looking at dimmer_ui, habbo-770.bin, and we'll be concentrating on the font_face and font_size.

You could just change it to say Ubuntu instead of Volter, but it's more common to use defined styles from within the swf. To do so, you have to change "font_face" to text_style and use from a range like u_regular, u_bold, il_heading, etc.

U meaning Ubuntu, Il meaning Illumina. Illumina is still Ubuntu, but it adds a light shadow, so you may prefer it in places.

You can remove font_size so that Ubuntu will go to its base size (11), or configure it as you'd like. I would recommend not going under 11 unless making a small footnote, as it gets harder to read.

And there you have it; a modern font for modern times.

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