During this pandemic, take some time to learn and do things yourself. Learn how to set up Morningstar alone, how to patch the SWF for Apollyon unassisted, and most importantly, share this site to help others. Stay inside, wash your hands and clean your door handles.

What the fuck is this?

The retro community sucks ass and will pawn off people asking questions to go search hundreds of threads for an answer instead of making a comprehensive list that might actually help.

This is the list. Do I sound like a dick in most of the answers? Abso-fucking-lutely! The retro community tore out my motivation and soul and stomped on them both. At least there's some fucking answers.

Use the search bar to find what you need. Use keywords, like background, swf, client and you'll probably find your answer.

If you've asked a question without telling us what you've already tried, you'll be sent to this page. If you ignore us, you're on your own. We don't have time to babysit.

If you're a literal dumbass, we also won't help. Some things are stupidly obvious and pointing them out constantly is a pain. If your error says "ERROR: Data trunctuated in TABLE in ROW at ID" then I'm pretty fuckin' sure the error is at ID in TABLE in the ROW.

Happy searching. Enjoy, peace out bitches.


I know almost fuck all about Morningstar. Don't tag, DM or add me on Discord expecting answers. I got these answers from the community and put them all together, that's it. If I do reply to your question, follow my instructions and give me an outcome. If you don't, I'll just stop replying. If you're feeling kind, feel free to buy us a (non-alcoholic) drink though. You know, for my past contributions.

Partnered with Bobba.

Check your flash is enabled. Do you have a fallback screen if it's disabled?

The path to your Habbo.SWF might be wrong. Check Developer Console to see where it's trying to find it.

Sort your permissions, and/or set your rank to admin. If you're setting your rank through the database, you must be logged out of the client while doing so. Load back in and ta-da.

Type interactions in the console.

Look at the git, there's probably a list somewhere.

Chances are, the emulator hates you right now. As in, it's yeeting you. Throwing you out. Stop insulting it.

But really, check your SSO generation for any issues, and check for emulator errors.

If it's when you enter a room or something, your furnidata may have an error, or your Habbo.swf has an error; try revert to ms-swf.

Your paths could be wrong to your swfs, check the dev console.

If the paths are correct, your figuredata or figuremap has some issues. Try different ones.

You're probably missing some text strings. Add them to your external_flash_texts/whatever yours is named file.

That or your texts path is incorrect, check your variable configuration.

If your commands show missing keys such as "commands.description.cmd_setspeed", add them to your database in emulator_texts; the base Morningstar SQL will have loads there. Just follow suit.

The fuck do I know? Find and use what works best for you.

Brain is one I know of, it's widely used but honestly seeing a bare boring Brain site and bare, base client is almost infuriating because it's so mind-numbingingly boring and old. Spend some time securing and making it more pretty, and honestly that's for all CMS's.

Apparently there's a mysqli version of Rev for Arcturus. Not used it, can't really rate.

Cosmic I've heard of but no clue what it's like security wise. Cosmic Installation.

Between you and me, I'm a noob with setting up a hotel but I have done it, and know how to. I tried setting up Cosmic but the config wasn't well documented and the "cpath" and "fpath" in config just led to Cosmics own sites, with no info on how to make it link vars to my localhost properly. I gave up after 20+ edits to the config file.

That was my experience, yours could differ.

Goldfish is discontinued and has a few bad coding practices, but it's solid and the creator put a lot of time and effort into it.

Goldfish Installation.

I tried Goldfish, and am even friends with the creator, but it didn't like Morningstars base database when I tried. The creator suspected because I used "localhost" instead of "", but I'd given up before testing the theory.

I tried again recently and it was error after error and I couldn't make head nor tails of it.

That was my experience, yours could differ.

According to my sources (aka Harmony), Cosmic is the most used right now but I wouldn't know, I haven't been on other hotels in nearly 2 years.

Fuck if I know.

I have a tutorial on that. ...If you don't get it, click the previous sentence. Dumbass.

Cracks knuckles.

First, add the badge you've acquired, e.g. GS489, in your c_images directory album1584.

Add an entry to items_base. Any ID as long as it isn't taken, e.g 474. item_name will be the badge name, GS489 and public_name doesn't matter. For vanity purposes, I also give it the badge name.

Set type as b.

Now the row will look a bit like 474 | 474 | GS489 | GS489 | b

To add it to a furni, e.g. furni Duck with ID 20, go to the Duck in catalog_items and stick the badge ID next to the Ducks in item_ids, like 20;474

To add it to the catalogue alone, add an entry to catalog_items. Any ID as long as it isn't taken, again. For vanity purposes, I keep it the same as the items_base ids. Page ID on whichever page you want it on, eg 39

Catalog name is how the name will look in the catalogue, obviously. Vanity yada-yada, same as badge name.

Now it'll look a bit like 474 | 39 | 474 | CRK27

:update_items, :update_catalogue, and it should be there.

Never used it, wouldn't know, PM Harmony or something.

Here is what I DO know:

The correct/ideal/most used item for a photo furni is external_image_wallitem_photo which should be set as external_image.

All paths need to be correct in the database, CMS and external_variables. The config is case sensitive.

Your variables will have lines such as navigator.thumbnail.url_base, stories.image_url_base and probably others to set up.

Make sure you're on the latest version of the plugin.

Make sure you have the acc_camera permission.

There's also a super cool tutorial on the Krews Forum by Oliver.

And a follow-up tutorial on setting up images, again by Oliver.

Switch to MariaDB; it's helped a lot of hotels. Why? No fucking clue. Do it anyway.

Placeholder. I don't actually know how to manually add furni. I'm used to an automated way; if anybody can offer a decent tutorial, with one wall furni and one floor furni, hmu.

You wanna make a Duck of item id 303 a LTD. Go find it in catalog_items.

In the column limited_stack, add however many you want to sell.

To disable gifting, find the item in items_base and set allow_gift to 0.

:update_items, :update_catalogue

Congratulations. You added a LTD.

However the fuck you want, it's your hotel.

Start in the database table permissions. Each row is a new rank. Each column is a permission (barring the first few which is info on the ranks.)

Most permissions are a toggle between 0 and 1. E.g. cmd_about set to 1 would mean that specific rank can use the :about command.

And just do that for all of them. Yes, it's a pain in the ass. Is there an easier way to do this? Either ask somebody for their perms table or join me in wishing there fucking was.

Make sure to :update_permissions.

Database, emulator_settings, search for debug to find debug.mode. Set to 1. To enable all of the debug options, just search debug and set all of them to 1. Unsure if using the :update_config command will work, or if it'll need a reboot. Probably reboot.

Well, this is the website. The orange box sends you to latest MS releases.

The MS Catalogue is your best bet; download the SWFs and catalogue from here. In the SWFs you can either unzip the .zip, or use the created "ms-swf" directory. Pick bits and pieces or just download the whole thing, it's up to you.

In your external_variables, there'll be a few lines beginning with "landing.view.background" which are the background images. Find them, and feel free to move them to find them easier next time. (Example: I keep NGHs at the top of the file.)

If you can't find them, check the override vars.

The full list is as follows:










Change the URLs after = to point to the image you want to use.

If the image still hasn't changed after reloading the hotel, try clear your cache or go incognito.

After that, make sure there are no duplicate entries from the above list. And check overrides again just to be sure.

Ok, first of all. I cannot recommend this in any way. There is a LOT of clothing and it will lag the shit out of your users, but if you insist...

Open up your figuredata.xml file, and find sellable="1", either replace it with sellable="0" or just remove them all.

1) Don't steal mine (nextgenhabbo.com).

2) Make sure you have JPEXS so you can open it.

3) To edit the bins, make sure to have Habbo SWF Editor (you can get it from my Downloads page.)

4) Still don't steal mine.

Open it and go wild. Woo! There's some tips on my tutorials page and my Habbo SWF cheat sheet.

Here's the list of official plugins, and here's all the projects on Krews, which probably includes a few more plugins. Past that, I can't help you.

Go to your vars, find seasonalcurrencyindicator.page= and change the page from whatever it is to the caption_save of the page you want it to go to. Reload your hotel (clear cache if vars caches) and it should work.

Does the rank exist in your permissions table?

Close the client, set your rank then re-open.

The only reason I know that this happens is the item in question isn't set as a crackable. Set the interaction_type as a crackable in items_base, save the table and reload the room.

That's a habbopage. Check the network tab to see which one is missing, and it'll give you the path you need to put it in.

I usually nick Habbos or make my own; to make your own create a file in Notepad++ and write what you want, then save it without a file type (so not .txt, .xml, etc).

To yoink Habbos, go to habbo.com/gamedata/habbopages/rest_of_path_here, then save the page.

Alternatively, completely remove the ? using my tutorial.

That's called an enable. If you use the command :enable 2 you'll end up with something on you. They're all the Effects of Habbo. The staff one is already limited in the table special_enables, effect_id 102.

To apply it to your staff permanently, head to the permissions table, and add 102 to the room_effect column.

To edit the image, grab Staff.swf from your Gordon/PRODUCTION and follow my tutorial to make a custom from an existing SWF, but only until you save the file with new images. Instead of using swfdecomp and renaming it, just overwrite the original Staff.swf. This goes for all enables.

Use :mmute, meaning mod mute. The correct usage is :mmute user seconds. Normal :mute is the same as a room owner muting a user - not hotel-wide and not staff-only.

On the bottom right of your table, there's a settings button. Click it and untick "Limit rows".

hotel.auto.currency.amount is now unused. You still enable/disable them (hotel.auto.currency.enabled), and set the timer/interval (hotel.auto.currency.interval) in emulator_settings, but you now set amounts in the permissions table, per rank. Scroll until you find auto_currency_amount and set them to what you'd like.

Yes, you can edit it as you like, but do not remove the credits as the license says. Morningstar is under a GPLv3 license. No, you cannot sell it. That's against the license.

It's not too tough. Somewhere in your catalogue you'll have "ads room backgrounds", for the most basic one without clicking to an external link, you'll want to find the one with item_name ads_background. Place it in your room, and don't click anywhere else yet. If you're an idiot, and do click elsewhere, open :furni and click the ad furni.

You should see places to put numbers for X,Y,Z and a link. X is how far left or right the image is, Y is how far up and down, and Z is front and backwards. High Z means furni and avatars will be hidden; I usually place the ad in the middle of the room and make the Z 9000, which works for me.

For the link, add the link to your image. It's best hosted on the same server as your swfs, as not all websites will allow crossdomain and such. If your website uses https, use http:// or https://. If you use http, use //. Hit save, adjust the X,Y,Z and you should be good to go.

The root directory for Morningstars SWFs is called ms-swf; this should be placed in your root folder, or wherever you want to link your swfs. Building from that, this is the basic structure:


>album1584 (badges)

>catalogue (header and teaser images)

>basically all the images


>hof_furni (furni swfs + icons)


>habbopages (when you click the ?s ingame)

>override (override texts and vars)

>all variables


>production (habbo.swf, figuremap, clothing swfs, enables/effects swfs, pet swfs)

The image is located in c_images\reception\ called reception_logo_drape; replacing that with your own image is probably the easiest way. Otherwise, edit the Habbo.SWF and add it to variables like the rest of the background images.

You can't on Habbo, either. It isn't a bug.

If you're insistent on needing this, search "norules" in emulator_settings and enable it. Be warned, you'll receive no support if it's buggy, as it truly doesn't abide the emulator rules.

They're not coded, and no, according to the developers, they are not similar to gnomes. The developers have said they will not code it, but you are welcome to fork the emulator, code it, and submit a merge request.

Your Habbo SWF should go in your gordon/PRODUCTION-etc folder.