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To generate a params number, either input an existing params number below and select more/less options to the left, or select your options first.

Style Cheat Sheet:


Selectors: 0, 3, 100

Vertical itemlist: 0, 3, 100

Regions: 0, 1, 3

Text: 0, 1, 3

Some useful Habbo.SWF bins, search for them in Habbo SWF Editor wrapped in ". All of these are included in the favs.txt file in my Habbo SWF Editor download.

bottom_bar_left: can change which icons are visible in which areas. Camera cannot be changed.

catalog_ubuntu/catalog_ubuntu_with_tabs: Self explanatory; the catalogue.

All the ctlg_ bins: ctlg_badge_display (630), ctlg_default_3x3 (583), ctlg_guild_custom_furni (1354), ctlg_guild_frontpage (930), ctlg_info_duckets (1609), ctlg_info_loyalty (736), ctlg_info_rentables (2285), ctlg_marketplace (1588), ctlg_marketplace (2212), ctlg_marketplace (2265), ctlg_marketplace (2325), ctlg_pets (2476), ctlg_pets2 (2107), ctlg_pets3 (2109), ctlg_recycler (2324), ctlg_recycler_prizes (664), ctlg_roomads (467), ctlg_single_bundle (1052), ctlg_soundmachine (2179), ctlg_spaces_new (1236), ctlg_trophies (1882), ctlg_vip_buy (1667), layout_frontpage_featured (1456) | Edit all the catalogue page types that I'm aware of.

craftingwidget: If editing the crafting image, can adjust the texts as you'd like.

citizenship_welcome: Edit the message that opens the citizenship track for new users. Good if you want to remove the opening of the track completely.

floor_plan_editor_bc: Make the floor plan editor bigger, smaller, or the preview size, remove any buttons you don't want.

furni_view (1136): The box that pops up when you click a piece of furni.

grid_purse: Currency indicators in the top right. Now you can edit your own instead of stealing NGHs.

hc_center: Without much use in base Morningstar, this can be remodelled to anything you'd like.

inventory: The entire inventory. Add icons to the tabs, mess with placement. Lots of choice.

issue_handler: The base looks wank so it's nice to edit.

landing_view_default_dynamic_layout: The base SWF has the background_gradient with an x of 3, making it 3 pixels too far to the right and making the image out of place. This is still present on current day Habbo. Finally, this can be fixed.

main_window (2365): The friends list, so people can stop stealing mine (

me_menu_new_view: Whether you want to hide the Helper Tool, Achievements or Forums, edit this to change what you see when you click your head on the bottom bar.

navigator_frame_2 (1811): The navigator, so people can, again, STOP stealing mine.

new_extended_profile: When you look at a users profile, rejig everything around, make it funky.

purse_indicator_seasonal: The seasonal part of the currency indicator. There isn't much room to edit but still useful to know.

report: The whole box and subsequent menus from when you click Help onwards. Make massive changes and stop. stealing. mine.

roc_create_room: Edit the Create Room window, make it purdy.

start_panel (1776): Mod Tools are fun to edit. New icons, no icons, woot.

Cheat sheet made by Ridge, params generator made by a very good friend.

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