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Habbo UI Editor by Leenster ~ mirror

The first stop for editing your Habbo.SWF. This download comes with the default Arcturus Habbo.SWF and my list of favourite bins for ease of editing.

Furni Editor V2 by Leenster and Hillbilly

Extremely useful to check the dimensions, rotations and type your furni swfs are. I use FurniBuilder to get my furni as desired, then if it needs its type changing, I'll use this Furni Editor.

Missing Clothing Finder ~ mirror

Unfortunately, I don't know who created this one, but it's extremely valuable. Place your figuremap.xml in the "files" folder, and name it "figuremap_current.xml", place Habbos in there, and name it "figuremap_new.xml", and once you run the .exe, it will tell you what you are missing and generate xmls for you. I've included some xmls as an example.

Mild warning: The xmls generated sometimes miss certain part ids, particularly hidden part ids. I'd use this tool only to find what you're missing, then add the clothing manually.

Furni Defender by CrEcEp ~ mirror 1 ~ mirror 2 (original)

No matter how much hotel owners boast their furni is unrippable, there's ways around it. Using this tool, placing furni in the "furniture" folder and running the .exe will strip any hotlink protection it may have. Furni ripping is a fact of Retro life; but I would urge you to add credit to the creator of the furni where possible.

swfdecomp.exe ~ mirror

Again, I'm unsure of the creator of this one, but this is probably one of the most valuable in the scene. This helps you create custom furni extremely easily. Check out my Tutorial page on how to use this.

Navicat Premium ~ mirror

phpMyAdmin is useful but extremely difficult to use with a bustling hotel; Navicat Premium is easier to use, navigate and make database changes. Included in the download is an .exe and a .txt file with a code. This is version 10, which, while it's behind, I've found it works better than other downloads I've found.

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