As I (Ridge) have left NGH as a staff member, nothing will be updated unless I accept any requests from John.

Suggestions, bugs, etc, will be forwarded if submitted, and everything else is up to date as of my last day: 13/07/19.

NGH Rules

Like most places, we have rules. Not many, but they're important.

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NGH Suggestion Box

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Ridge's Tutorials

Wanna make your own furni and rares? Need some tips for the Habbo.swf?

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NGH Sanction System

"Why did I get muted, but they got banned?"

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NGH Bug Reports

Can't sit on a chair? A button on the website not working? Did John fuck up renaming an item?

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Useful Downloads

Need FurniEditor, or maybe HabboUI Editor? swfdecomp.exe from my Tutorials?

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NGH Staff Handbook

Private, protected handy link for staff to get to their handbook.

C'mon, ban-happy chappies!

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